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Very flattering. I am usually not comfortable with certain necklines, but this dress provided great support

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Worth it! I wasn't sure about this dress when it first arrived, but got mant compliments when I wore it to a day time event

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I usually wear a size large and these fit perfectly. I ordered them in green and they go with a lot of my stuff

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Posted by Bearly Marketing on


Style is a balance. It requires nuance and subtle attention in order to capture something which is true to the wearer but also something that just looks good. More often than not, we let this balance run away from us, as we shuck more and more expectations onto our scales. We expect our outfits to be ideal for work,  to makes heads turn, to be a color we like, something that's warm enough when it's cold, something comfortable, sexy, and a above all else something we would actually wear. We ask for all of this, every single day for every single outfit. Ladies, it’s time to zero the scales.

Introducing the balance we've been looking for in our day to day style. We call it- refined chill, a movement equal parts casual and equal parts sophisticated.


There is nothing more confident, more enticing, or more powerful than casual style. Picture, the skater girl, for example. She’s someone you want to hang out with- she has real talent, real guts, and no one can wear a t-shirt quite like her.  She invokes the casual confidence we all want to have. If we want to wear our confidence and personalities, like an easy t-shit, why don't we do just that? 

We have the ability to tap into a deeper source and allow our style to shine. The key is to follow the ideal of the 'skater girl look' (even if that's not your look) and use your own personalities and experience to speak to your personal style. This leaves room for you to dress casually and with just a few simple styling tricks (like adding structure or complementary colors to an outfit) you can achieve a refined chill.

While the task seems daunting, (casual sophistication is definitely a fashion oxymoron), we all know that style lives for defying expectations and looking your best can be as simple as tossing out a “Whatever man, I’ve got this” and sauntering away in your tartan plaid bomber.

So, let’s unlock the mystery of refined chill. Here are some of the aspects that make this style manageable and more importantly, jaw-dropping.




Look good, feel good: it’s a time-tested truth of womanhood and we are all for it. Berry Modern takes time to ensure that we are placing well-crafted clothing into your hands, which means this- you can wear whatever you want. It's far time to do away with the idea that sophistication means uncomfortable materials or poorly fitted pieces Wear what works for you. Easy to wear clothes that feel good against your skin will allow your own expression to shine. There’s a reason minimalism is a movement in art, interior design, and even as a lifestyle- it works.



Self-Expression is About Self

So be yourself! If you are all about shoulder cut-outs, then bare that sun-kissed skin. If you need to move around on the daily, then tie-up those sick kicks and get out there! Yes, we must invest in quality clothing and pieces that have the thought of craft behind them. But once you possess these pieces, it’s as easy as throwing on that dress and doing what you do best. Because you make you look good.



Simple Pieces Mean More Creativity

The more elaborate a piece of clothing is, the more rules you’ll have to adhere by in order to make it work. With simple pieces and casual clothing though, the world is yours. Take a simple pair of jeans for instance, these alone can be styled with ruffled tops, with military jackets, or with a tank top and a ponytail. Maybe they don’t give you the same immediate thrill as a one-of-a-kind dress, but they let your own style speak. Many people in the creative industries (design, writing, music etc.) know that restrictions can sometimes prompt the best outcomes. They force us to think more creatively and create something inspired. The same can be done with your outfits, work with simplicity to create something bigger.

With all this in mind, sophistication still might seem to you like it is unchill by its very definition. Fair enough, you've been told this for ages and we don't blame you.



However, sophistication isn’t about better-than-thou, it isn’t about stuff upper lips or an icy stare. Sophistication isn’t even about expensive (although certain brands will have you think otherwise). Sophistication can totally be chill. Being sophisticated is being knowledgeable, experienced, and worldly. These things can all be done with comfortable, casual outfits that allow you to actively participate in those worldly experiences!

Let’s break it down even further, to truly understand refined chill. Let’s take a look at a typical casual wear (in this case, plaid) and see how it can be refined and re-defined as sophistication.


Case study: Tartan

Plaid, it’s the casual girl’s go-to pattern. Always comfy, always easy, and always something that allows us to move and keep things simple. Sophisticated plaid doesn’t seem like it can be done. On the contrary, this is an ideal pattern to showcase your confidence and refinement. Plaid or tartan is linear by nature and lends itself perfectly to the idea of structure. This means, the casual pattern can be integrated in a more structured and stylish piece like a bomber jacket, a skirt, or more. Adding structure to an otherwise casual look is key to maintaining a level of sophistication as it illustrates thoughtfulness, care, and capability.

Let’s also take a look at the historical aspect of tartan, a traditionally Scottish pattern, the uber-popular print began as a symbol of one’s hometown or region. This is because local weavers only had access to certain materials or dyes, making each version of tartan easily distinguishable to the location in originated from. As time moved on, a version of the pattern (Black Watch Plaid) became associated with the Royal Highland Regiment. So, while plaid is seen as a highly casual look today, when you trace it back it becomes a symbol for royalty- making this look sophisticated and powerful.

All in all, refined chill is the balance Berry Modern strives to achieve. It allows for the best parts of style, by calling for both sophistication and grace, as well as the casual ability we lust after as modern women. Refined chill is a blend of quality clothing at affordable prices. It is balance that we can all achieve. 

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