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Blue Mia Midi Dress
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Very flattering. I am usually not comfortable with certain necklines, but this dress provided great support

Pink Daisy Off The Shoulder Dress
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Worth it! I wasn't sure about this dress when it first arrived, but got mant compliments when I wore it to a day time event

Brown Molly Shorts
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I usually wear a size large and these fit perfectly. I ordered them in green and they go with a lot of my stuff

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Posted by Bearly Marketing on


Fashionistas, our world is immersed in a very particular beat, a specific timing that we march to. That timing is seasonal. Often times it can seem that seasons rule the fashion/beauty world with calendars revolving around particular fashion weeks, launches, and seasonal expectations. Seasons have long been the indicator of when to do what for thousands of designers, brands, and shoppers alike. This dedication to the seasons doesn't necessarily have to do with poetics or the rotation of the earth, rather it acts as a point of standardization for an industry that otherwise refuses uniformity. Seasons have kept fashion running for a long time.

There is a history of importance and necessity to the way the style calendar is set. We’re all for it! How great are Summer Collections full of sundresses and heels or the Fall/Winter shows busting with sophisticated knits? This timeline became a guide for many of fashionistas, especially when starting out it can be comforting to know when to create, when to promote, when to sell, and when to buy. Whether you fall on the side of design or the side of model (this includes everyday woman too, of course!) it’s nice to have a metronome of sorts to rely on.

However, it seems that there is a lot of talk of fashion seasons becoming less and less prevalent. This began by having an overflow of additional seasons. The fashion world grew bored of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter time and time again. It was the game everybody knew and as typical of this world, someone had to shake things up. So, more seasons were added.



Wait, what? Yes, in case you weren’t aware the fashion calendar no longer follows the strict four-way split, but instead also boasts seasonal preludes and intermissions: time periods like Resort (a pre-summer collection) or transitions in between the more traditional seasons have been making the runways an hitting the racks. Then, like clockwork, fashion grew bored and fashion grew rebellious and now we live in a time where the idea of seasons is being challenged and season-less collections are being debuted whenever they want. And it. is. Bold.

Of course, more than just boredom influenced this movement. Seasons, originally had a fair amount to do with the weather. A pretty straightforward line of thinking as weather appropriate clothing just makes sense. However, since then travel and general technology has created opportunity to be in any weather at any time. This is especially true for the wealthy but increasingly true for others as international travel becomes more and more affordable (for being international travel). The style world has begun to think globally and thus season-less and while we love seeing how this drives creativity, we still love seasonal fashion.


Fashion is many things. Fashion is often forward-thinking, cutting-edge, a beacon to what we might call the future. Even so, fashion is and has always been rooted in tradition. Think of trends that cycle back in and out, think of patterns that are used time and time again. Some things last, some things don’t need to be thrown out and we love that aspect of the fashion world. Tradition is something worthy of celebrating and seasons fall deep into the vein of fashion traditions. 



Practicability and Affordability

Seasonal fashion just makes sense. Jackets when it’s cold and lighter blouses in the sun, these things seem like a reasonable way to live. Furthermore, while yes international travel is slowly becoming more accessible it hasn’t trickled down to every corner yet. Many stylistas don’t have the means to jet off whenever their clothes don’t match the outside world. Even more so, while we are committed to style, we are committed to a lot of responsibilities and things can’t be dropped for an outfit switch. These points especially make sense when you consider just how good you can look in season and at affordable (truly affordable) costs

Seasons Have Become More Than Seasons

Okay, yes, a huge draw to seasonal fashion is the whole weather thing but this timeline has transformed into something more. Seasons have become a source of inspiration for designers and stylistas. When stuck on how to dress, what better inspiration than to glance outside and imagine how good such and such color would look against a bright blue sky, the autumn leaves, or a grey, wintery horizon. Creatives have long drawn inspiration from nature. Even more than a muse, seasons have become a feeling, a sort of mood. Each season makes us feel a distinctive way and seasonal fashion allows for us to tap into these feelings so we can embrace freedom and carefree attitudes in Summer and get glammed up in the height of Winter’s holiday sophistication. Seasons have become more than what they are.



Planning Advantages

A moment of truth now: style can be a lot of work. It requires thought and it requires prep work in order to showcase the most stunning of outfits. Having seasons to parallel to our outfits, shopping, and more to makes this process that we adore go a lot more smoothly. It leaves you with more time and energy to feel good and perfect the attitude your style deserves.

Seasons have so many advantages besides being weather appropriate (although that too is a significant reason to support them). Dressing in season allows you to be dressing at affordable costs while still maintain quality clothing and a personal style that soars. Seasons have been a long-standing tradition in fashion, without which we may not benefit from stand-bys like floral prints. While any way to celebrate fashion and style must be admired, for the time being we’re sticking with our dear friends Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

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